mad flavor science

Flavor Tripping is an ongoing series of Bacchanalian food tasting smackdowns that occur about once a month, beginning in February ’08 in NYC and SF. Our events are smallish affairs held in an undisclosed location – not (only) because we’re wanted international criminals, but because we dig switching things up and matching the spaces to the events we’re hosting. The first series of tastings center on miracle fruit (Sideroxylon dulcificum if you want to get all scientific about it), a cranberry-sized West African berry that that numbs your sour and bitter tastebuds for a couple of hours after eating it. That means that everything that used to taste sour now tastes sweet. Fo’ reals. It’s like a candy Willy Wonka would have invented – after eating one stout beers taste like chocolate milkshakes, grapefruits taste like pixie sticks, cheeses taste like frosting, it will make even the crappiest tequila taste like lemonade (and strangely enough, it will make all wine taste like Manischewitz).

So if you’d like to sign-up for the miracle fruit parties — there’ll be a banquet of food, beer, and liquor, beats provided by our resident DJ, plus damn good company — drop us a line at We’ll send out an email apprising you of the next party.party12.jpg


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